Media Release: 18 September 2016

Donor’s wishes paramount for charities seeking funding for good causes

Charities greatly respect the people who make donations and voluntarily give of their time. The good-will of people is paramount and their generosity may often provide the life blood for a charity to do its good work in the community. 

Acting CEO of the Fundraising Institute of New Zealand’s (FINZ) Sheridan Bruce said, “Kiwis are one of the most generous nations in the world with hundreds of thousands of donors in New Zealand passionate about giving to causes close to their heart.”

“Balancing donor’s wishes and fulfilling a charity’s mission to service the community is paramount for charities” says Sheridan Bruce.

“Respecting Kiwis’ and their generosity goes without saying and is what makes New Zealand the wonderful civil society it is. However, under no circumstances should charities place any undue pressure on donors to make donations, but they have to be entitled to ask and donors have every right to refuse.”

Donors are paramount in the Fundraising Institute’s code of ethics and FINZ members support the practice of donors being able to opt out of any giving programme they may be part of, at anytime.”

Sheridan Bruce said “Whether it is because a person changes their mind or circumstances, or simply changes their allegiance, people are always in their rights to talk with their charity and discuss their wishes. Donors may also want to talk with family and people they trust to get reassurance that their wishes are being respected.”

People can consult the FINZ website to read the FINZ codes of conduct for members and following up with FINZ if they feel they are under undue pressure to make donations.

For further information contact Sheridan Bruce, on 021 669 037

This media release is in response to an article in the Sunday Star Times, 18 September 2016.


Donor’s wishes paramount for charities seeking funding for good causes



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