Rogare seeking fundraisers for their advisory panel

June 2016

Rogare is UKs, University of Plymouth Centre for Sustainable Philanthropy’s fundraising think tank and the home of Critical Fundraising – the discipline of critically evaluating what fundraisers know, or think they know, about their profession. FINZ was delighted to have Rogare’s director  Ian MacQuillin attend the FINZ Conference in April as keynote speaker.

Ian is putting out the word that Rogare is seeking thought leaders to join their advisory panel. Ian says “Our goal is to bring on the next generation of fundraising thought leaders, those who want to make sure that decisions in their own practice and changes to the profession are always based not just on the best evidence but also the best ideas and theory. “What’s happened in the UK over the past year is a stark warning about what happens when changes don’t have this theoretical or evidential base. And many of the problems that have impacted in the UK are also ‘bubbling’ under in the US and Canada, and other English-speaking countries such as New Zealand, Australia and Ireland.

“We are putting together a global movement to make sure that all developments of the fundraising profession are based on the best possible theory and evidence. This is an exciting opportunity for fundraisers with excellent critical thinking skills to be part of the movement that delivers this change.

“I hope that by the time new members take up their two-year terms starting in September, we will have at least 20 and hopefully 30 new American and Canadian members.”

The main task for advisory panel members is to ensure that new ideas that come out of Rogare – such as the relationship fundraising review – are translated into professional practice. Panel members will also identify gaps in the profession’s knowledge base that Rogare can fill.

Read about Rogare here and download the application form here.  To be a member of the advisory panel, you must be a fundraiser working for a charity or NGO or a sole consultant working for yourself.


Rogare seeking fundraisers for their advisory panel



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