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Asking Properly: the Art of Creative Fundraising

Smith, George

The White Lion Press Limited, 1996.

ISBN: 0-9518971-1-X

Asking Properly: the Art of Creative Fundraising is almost certainly the most authoritative book ever written about the creative aspects of fundraising. It is likely to remain a key text for years to come. The author offers a profound analysis of donor motivation and is critical of the extent to which charities take their supporters for granted. But this book is no mere commentary on current practice – it offers an utterly comprehensive checklist on how to optimise the creative checklist on how to optimise the creative presentation of the fundraising message. How to write, how to design, how to use direct mail, press advertising, broadcast media and the telephone, how to think in terms of fundraising ‘products’. The whole gallery of creativity and media is surveyed and assessed, with hundreds of examples of fundraising campaigns from around the world illustrating the need to ‘ask properly’. This book will prove invaluable to anyone involved in the fundraising process. It is provocative, refreshing, entertaining and, above all, highly instructive. Read it, apply its lessons and it must enable you to raise more money.



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