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Introduction to Online Fundraising and Social Media - The Fundraising School 

"We better get us some of that internet stuff..."
 Over the past 10 years, many nonprofits have been dragged kicking and screaming onto the web. Reluctant to embrace Web 2.0, the charity world has lagged behind the for-profit world in website savvy and innovation. However, those nonprofits that have embraced the web and understood how to use its tools have seen incredible growth.
 The 2008 election cycle demonstrated the power of online fundraising in ways that exceeded the imaginations of the most optimistic observers. The success of the Obama campaign in raising nearly $500 million in a relatively short amount of time has nonprofits scrambling to adopt the techniques and best practices of his campaign's web strategy. However, before you sign up for Facebook and get a Twitter account, you need to understand the basics of online fundraising and the principles of donor/agency interaction. Having the right strategy is the first step to successful online fundraising. It's not about having all the latest tools, it's about knowing what to do with them.
 We get it and we can help.



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