Time to thank New Zealand’s largest work force

Jo Goodhew
Originally found on Beehive, June 2015

Community and Voluntary Sector Minister Jo Goodhew is congratulating New Zealand’s largest workforce this week, the volunteer community, as National Volunteer Week kicks off.

“Nationally New Zealanders are amongst the most generous in the world when it comes to volunteering and helping others,” says Mrs Goodhew.

“On average there are just over 400,000 kiwis volunteering every week for a charity, adding up to over 1.5 million hours contributed to our communities.

“Seeing and hearing stories first-hand of the “real” volunteering that happens every day in our community helps to bring these statistics to life.

“Over the last three days I have met volunteers from the top of the North Island to the bottom of the South Island, who are making a difference to their community by volunteering as firefighters, by planting trees, by leading community development projects and by offering support to those in need.

“I also want to acknowledge the work of New Zealanders who care for family members, or help with cultural activities in their community. Most of these people do not consider this work ‘volunteering’, and yet are voluntarily making the community a better place.

“The investment of time by New Zealand volunteers provides strength, energy and adds to the wellbeing of our communities.

“The theme for National Volunteer Week this year is “There is a place for you to volunteer”, or “he wahi mohou hei tuao”, which is aptly aligned with the diversity of volunteer opportunities in New Zealand.”

National Volunteer Week runs from 21 – 27 June, and is co-ordinated annually by Volunteering New Zealand (VNZ).


Time to thank New Zealand’s largest work force



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