2015 Award Winners


Every year at the FINZ Annual Conference Gala Dinner, the fundraising excellence award winners are announced. This prestigious occasion acknowledges excellence in our profession, the people who achieve great things for their causes and does a great service to the beneficiaries of our charitable work. 

2015 Soar Print FINZ Fundraising Excellence Awards high achievers are:

Congratulations to all the 2015 winners. Click here to view the gallery

Soar Print New Zealand Fundraising Excellence Award

Auckland War Memorial Museum for their WWI Commemoration Project – Cenotaph Home and Community - Grant Application.

A Premiere award is not a guaranteed annual award. It is reserved for those campaigns which in the opinion of the judges is a stand-out example of exemplary fundraising.

In 2015, such a campaign was submitted for judging.  It not only ticked all the boxes but it impressed. It was an example of a whole of an organisation approach to seeking and securing funding for something of vital importance to those working for the organisation and those who would benefit.

It was a one-off opportunity and was planned and executed with that level of risk in mind. Not surprisingly, the detail associated with this project was compiled to an outstanding level. In parallel, organisational engagement was extensive at all levels - governance, executive, fundraising team and service delivery staff. In all respects, this Premiere Award is justly deserved and the judges had no difficulty in selecting it and conveying their sincere congratulations to the winners

Blackbaud Annual Regular Giving Award.

ICHC - The Interchurch Council for Hospital Chaplaincy

This award recognises programmes and appeals used to secure annual income that demonstrate professionalism and innovation. Getting off the fundraising treadmill is a goal for all fundraisers and a strong annual income programme is a vital piece to making that happen.

This entry showed the application of good fundraising principles, an understanding of the target market and evidence of an excellent outcome.

The judges especially liked that the leadership had made their own commitment and that the organisation has used the work shown to set themselves up for ongoing relationships with their donors and a variety of opportunities for people to support their cause.


BDO Wellington Capital Campaigns Award

Gisborne District Council and War Memorial Theatre Gisborne Trust for the Redevelopment of the War Memorial Theatre, Gisborne.

This award acknowledges outstanding capital campaigns that integrate best practices which set ambitious financial targets and aim for the stars. Capital campaigns can be painstaking, slow moving and require boundless enthusiasm, an extraordinary work ethic and perseverance.

The judges also awarded two merits this year: St Paul’s Collegiate for the Inspire –turning possibilities into reality – campaign and Help put Cholmondeley Back on the Map campaign



Everyday Hero Special Events Award

The RNZSPCA for the SPCA Cupcake Day – fighting animal cruelty with cupcakes

This award honours outstanding, innovative events that engage donors, builds public support and, of course, have a successful fundraising component.

This entry was a pleasure to judge, the charity had obviously put a lot of thought into the planning and executed it well. Their return on investment was excellent for an event.  Their involvement of the ‘centres’,  especially that they had significantly built this and the comprehensive resources provided was great to see. The judges especially liked the evidence of long term benefits for the future of the event and the RNZSPCA’s funding.



FRESCO Donor Acquisition Award

RNZSPCA for the SPCA Cupcake Campaign – fighting animal cruelty with cupcakes

This award commends charities that have an active, effective acquisition programme in place. We all know that donor stewardship is critical. But we also cannot stand still. Donor acquisition should be at the forefront of any fundraisers’ strategy and this award covers donor honours programmes that secure new donors.

The judges have also awarded a Merit awarded to: The Life Flight Trust for the You Never Know When Appeal



Harbour Asset Management Corporate Supporters Award

Eastland Helicopter Rescue Trust entered by Kerry Donovan and Express PR.

This award covers sponsorship, product and/or services support and corporate volunteering. A successful corporate relationship is strategic, of mutual benefit to all parties and achieves common goals. It is a strong, viable relationship that supports a non-profit’s phenomenal work while bringing tangible value to the corporate partner.

This was a high standard of application, had a plan and met stated objectives. A high percentage of prospects became actual donors and given the geographic area, netted an impressive result.

The Judges were pleased to see an increase in the number of entries this year and an overall high standard. There were a diverse range of entries both from the size of organisation as well as the projects the corporates were involved with.

The Judges have awarded a merit to: Ronald McDonald House South Island


  New Zealand Post Direct Mail Award

New Zealand Red Cross for the Red Cross Aid Workers Campaign

Direct mail continues to bring in some of the best returns in fundraising. It’s an oldie, but a goodie. A solid direct mail campaign can have extraordinary ROI, build donor loyalty and boost a charity’s reputation.

This Direct Mail campaign achieved an outstanding result both in dollars raised and the rate of return. The campaign was planned and costed in great detail with the donor audience effectively targeted. It used well-proven DM techniques but also introduced their own, including a heart-felt, hand-written ‘thank you’ note from one of the organisation’s overseas aid workers who were featured in the appeal letter. Overall, a deserving winner from among a field of very good DM campaigns.

If the number and quality of entries in this category is any indication, then Direct Mail as a fundraising vehicle is far from the spent force some would have us believe.

Given the number of quality entries, the judges have awarded two Merits. The Neurological Foundation of New Zealand and The Malaghan Institute of Medical Research


Strategic Grants Grant Fundraising Award

Auckland Museum for their Gallipoli Centenary Project application at the Auckland War Memorial Museum for the WWI Commemoration Project

This award recognises Grant fundraising as part art and part science. There is no magic bullet that wins grants time and again. Fundraisers must be savvy, meticulous and do fantastic reporting back to funders. That’s what this award celebrates.

This application involved over three months of preparation in a process that involved continuous engagement with the targeted grant-maker. It was a one-off grant attempt aimed at a single possible granting body with a significant amount at stake should it not have been successful. The judges were impressed with the extent to which the wider organisation was also involved and engaged in the grant-seeking process and the quality and fullness of preparatory work undertaken.

The judges have also awarded a merit award to Scouts NZ for their fundraising grants strategy programme.


F2FCon PFRA 2015 NEW fundraiser of the Year Award

This was awarded to EDWARD BRAMLEY from AIDA FOR GOOD agency. Ed works on Oxfam, Blind Foundation, Lifeflight, IHC and Wellington Hospital's Foundation campaigns.

As a new fundraiser, Ed is showing great promise with his sign up numbers, attrition rates and very importantly his professional attitude. 

Well done Edward Bramley and James Wheable from Aida for Good for your commitment to professionalism and excellence.


Mondial PFRA 2015 Fundraiser of the Year

The award goes to DAVID BLACK from CORNUCOPIA agency. David works on RED CROSS, FRED HOLLOWS FOUNDATION & IHC campaigns.

He has achieved stunning pledge sign up numbers, and very importantly these were coupled with very low attrition rates and excellent professional standards.

Well done David Black and Selar Henderson from Cornucopia for your commitment to professionalism and excellence.




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