5 Top Tips for Being a Better Professional Fundraiser

Tilda Bostiwck, Execucare

1. Professional Development

Taking your career seriously means making a plan for the next 5-10 years. This plan would include training e.g. conferences and one day training workshops held by reputable providers; Fundraising Institute of NZ (FINZ), FIA, Educate Plus and individual consultant’s workshops.

Connect to latest and best practice by reading and following international blogs and talk to Execucare for salary benchmarking, career and industry advice.

2. Ethics

An essential commodity for a professional fundraiser. Do you know what your personal code of ethics is? Do you keep checking in with and upholding what you believe in? Join FINZ and get some ideas about the professional fundraiser’s code of ethics (see their website www.finz.org.nz

3. Have a Great Database

A good working database that is updated regularly and has great reports-ability will make your job easier and inform both strategy and fundraising.

A great database will also prevent stuff-ups, duplication and save effort. It also means that when you leave you are not walking away with your NFP’s intellectual property!

4. Networking and a Mentor

Do you have people to talk to about your career in professional fundraising? There is nothing like discussing ideas and plans with others to excite and inform your work. Network and listen to local experts at the monthly regional lunches run by FINZ, meet your peers for coffee.

Join the Fundraising Institute’s free mentor programme and team up with someone who is where you want to be in 5 years, ask them for advice and you will be inspired.

5. Choose your Organisation Well

Your job as a fundraiser will be much more enjoyable and rewarding if you are passionate about the cause of your charity.

Work for an organisation that has a good CEO and board who understand, recognise and resource fundraising. Check with your industry contacts and Execucare for this information.

By Tilda Bostwick, Director of Execucare - NZ’s specialist recruitment company for the NFP sector. www.nz.execucare.com 0800 393 282


5 Top Tips for Being a Better Professional Fundraiser



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