Table Talks

Acquire More Donors with Peer to Peer Fundraising
Craig Shackleton, Everyday Hero, MFINZ

In this table talk we will take a  look at the power of peer to peer fundraising as a driver for immediate revenue, and greater new donor acquisition.

Building a sustainable grants strategy:The evidence of success
Therese Lanigan, Strategic Grants, MFINZ

Working with over 130 charities across New Zealand and Australia and providing training to hundreds more, Strategic Grants' Therese Lanigan will provide you with the key success factors of a sustainable grants program that delivers excellent return on investment and enables your charity to win grants for your projects and mission delivery.

Enhancing your online effectiveness
Fraser Carson, MFINZ

Getting connected and creating dynamic content to enhance your online effectiveness with a Flightdec website.

Creative Salary Negotiations
Tilda Bostwick, Execucare, MFINZ

There are more ways than you'd imagine to get the salary package you deserve and require to suit your skills and experience, qualifications, career aspirations and lifestyle. You just haven't thought about it. Tilda will identify the opportunities so you and your employer are able to get what you want.

Working with Consultants
Stephanie Maitland, CFRE, FFINZ

Ever thought about working with a Consultant but not sure how they can assist your organisation.  Come along and ask your questions.

Direct Mail Made Easy
Victoria Forrest

Victoria will talk you through the practicalities and requirements of planning a direct mail campaign so you can be assured your campaign will reach the right audience at the right time with the correct messages and call to action, is on budget and can be measured.

How Can My Charity Receive Donated Technology from TechSoupNZ
Ryan Jones of TechSoupNZ

Microsoft, Google, Symantec, Calxa and more have provided over $30 million of technology donations to New Zealand charities. Are you missing out? Find out what your organisation could receive, and how TechSoup New Zealand can help your organisation cut IT expenditure and boost your fundraising through technology.

Include A Charity is Raising the Awareness of Bequests
Jim Datson

Only 7.5 percent of people with Wills include a gift to their favourite Charity or Charities. Doubling that rate would add another $200 million in fundraising revenue. Include A Charity aims to achieve that. More than 60 New Zealand Charities have joined this movement to change the way people determine how their life’s assets will assist in the years to come. Learn how being part of this collective can be the key to lifting your bequest income.

Building Relationships with a database: The good, the bad, and the ugly 
Mark Scott, Blackbaud, MFINZ

All the technology in the world won’t help you build relationships if you don’t know how to use it. Calling on 20 years IT experiences and 36 years non-profit experience, Mark will help you learn effective ways to use your database to turn donors into stewards of your organisation.

Peer to Peer fundraising in 3rd party events
Liam Wills, The Realbuzz Group, MFINZ

The Future is Now with new Printing Technology
Peter Lloyd, Soar Print, MFINZ

Join Peter and learn about the wide range of printing options available for fundraising campaigns, small and large. Match Mailing where all DM items are printed together can produce any volume of excellent quality at reduced costs overall.

Working with Fundraising Consultants
Stephanie Maitland, CFRE, FFINZ

Ever thought about working with a Consultant but not sure how they can assist your organisation? Come along and ask your questions. 



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