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Taking Fund Raising Seriously: Advancing the Profession and Practice of Raising Money

Burlingame, Dwight F. & Hulse, Lamont J.

Jossey-Bass Inc., 1991.

ISBN: 1-55542-388-4

Only 37 percent of Americans feel that fundraisers are trustworthy, according to a recent survey. What causes this poor public image? What can be done to improve professional standards for this vital function of non-profit organizations?
 This book argues that fund raising is an essential part of American philanthropy- and that philanthropy is fundamental to the character of our society. Through voluntary action, non-profit organizations offer services that government and private industry cannot provide. And in recent years the call for philanthropic services has become more pressing. As the third sector has grown in response, so has the need for professionalism in the development of philanthropic resources. How can fund raising as a profession be developed to meet these challenges?



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