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Managing the Public's Trust in Non-profit Organizations

Burt, Christopher

Springer, 2014.

ISBN: 978-1-4939-0559-1

The time has come for innovative social science to contribute more to poverty reduction. The 2015 Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) are at risk from the global financial crisis and climate change inertia (United Nations 2012). There are calls for hitherto silent disciplines – work psychology being the leading example – to help translate this MDG “grand plan” into everyday human behaviour (Easterly, 2006).
 In market terms, the brief will be of interest and relevance to policy makers from the netFWD, and to social scientists of all denominations, from cognitive psychology to social capital and the economics of altruism versus self-interest. Inbetween the policy forums and the academe, at the proverbial coalface of fundraising itself, the volume will be of practical benefit and usage for fundraising managers.
 If trust is hard to earn and easy to lose as the theory and evidence herein suggests, then NGOs have to use every bit of evidence to guide best practice as possible. In the same way that some economists have advocated the issuing of aid vouchers, so that recipients can vote for NGOs and their projects “with their feet,” the competition for trust may determine which charitable NGOs are ultimately fir for purpose.



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