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Denz, Frances - Women at the Top - A Handbook for Aspiring Women Directors

Stellaris Publishing, 2009.

ISBN: 978 -0-473-14796-9

This is a must-read book for all women seeking to advance their careers in governance, as directors on the boards of companies, public bodies and not-for-profit organisations. Frances Denz’s account of her real-life experience, and her acutely accurate – and often rueful- observations, will resonate with many women. The book is at the same time an excellent factual ‘how to’ guide to seizing opportunity and avoiding pitfalls. It is packed with candid home truths, offering important insights that are hard to come by elsewhere. These are combined with lessons learned, practical tips and solutions – things women can actually do. This is very accessible information, easily digested and eminently ready to put into practice.



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