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stand up & shout

Ferguson, Alastair

Williamson Publishing, 2003.

ISBN: 0-473-09582-3

What is success and how is it measured? How do you overcome challenges and adversity? How well do Kiwis celebrate success? What does it take for people to realise their dreams and have the motivation to change what they are unhappy with? What advice should be given to young people and school leavers as they embark on life?
 In this collection of interviews with successful people Alastair Ferguson has asked these and more enlightening questions. Some of the answers are surprising as men and women from all walks of life openly share their experiences and insights, their wit and wisdom. There is some straight talking, harsh language at times, and plenty of emotion.
 It is time to celebrate our differences and our successes, both individually and collectively, because we do produce a phenomenal number of high achievers across an incredible range of endeavours – let’s all stand up and shout about it!



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