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with a PASSION: The Extraordinary Passions of Ordinary New Zealanders

Fitzsimmons, Michael. & Beckford, Nigel.

Fitzsimons Beckford Communications & Design Ltd., 2001.

ISBN: 0-473-07801-5

What does it take to be a passionate New Zealander?
 Read this book and find out.
 Amongst other things, it means climbing into the bath to clean your record collection, getting run over to stop the building of a motorway, adopting American Civil War tactics as your personal philosophy of life, and collecting 10,000 magazine covers of people like Madonna and Victoria Principal.
 With a Passion tells the story of 37 remarkable New Zealanders who are absolutely nuts about a cause, a celling or a collection, whatever the cost.
 You’ll be amazed by their obsessions. And you’ll be challenged to discover the passion in your own life.



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