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Philanthropic Funding 2011

Giving New Zealand

Philanthropy New Zealand, 2012.

BERL ref#4882

Is financial giving growing? Are New Zealanders generous by international standards? What causes stir our hearts?
 The answer to these questions and many more can be found in this comprehensive study commissioned by Philanthropy NZ and undertaken by BERL, a leading research company. Yes – despite difficult financial times, giving has increased substantially, and yes – Kiwis are very generous by global standards. The most popular purpose for our giving is culture and recreation, followed by education and research.
 Philanthropy NZ’s vision is “a thoughtfully generous Aotearoa New Zealand” ad we are pleased with and proud of the significant increase in financial generosity revealed in this study. As a country we are making clear progress towards this vision, and together we will continue the journey.



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