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Grab your hat. Here comes the future.

Sheridan Bruce, FINZ Acting CEO

FINZ NewzViewz, Issue 101

In a million places on our journeys to roles in fundraising we have learnt many of the 'ways-and-means', often the hard way.

Sorting out the dos-and-don'ts, surrounding ourselves with the right people, and having a plan becomes our stock-in-trade.

Our experiences are important and give us a default roadmap, or responses to challenging situations, which are conventions we can bank on.

But have you noticed we live in rapidly changing times where conventional wisdom is straining against so many new experiences? Disruptive technologies, new media, different funding processes and shifting demographics implore us all to think and act in ways the past has not fully prepared us for.

Leadership in the community sector is demanding we respond to these changing needs. Regulatory challenges, a much more ethnically and age diverse population, the rise of young female fundraisers (with attitude) and the tectonic plates of community need are pushing organisational thinking that is still, in my view, too rooted in the past.

It is time to embrace the future - with eyes wide open - understand the power of new technology and channels and just be less conventional in the ways we think and act.

FINZ is responding and, as a key membership organisation in the community sector, we recognise the power within our membership and supporters. Tapping into these resources, encouraging more open participation in the spirit of working together, gives us all a chance to lead rather than just follow.

In this issue we outline new FINZ initiatives which aim to help fundraisers become better informed, resourced, and collaborative. We hope it will also help us all contribute to a culture that embraces change and genuine innovation, for the sake of the causes we are so passionate about. 

Einstein once famously said: "insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results". Doing everything the same way, when the world is not the same, just doesn't make sense. 

Grab your hat, Here comes the future



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