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The Fundraiser's Interactive Handbook 06/07 - Institute of Fundraising 

think: consulting solutions, 2006/7.

 Don't waste money on consultants. Consultants cost money. But you knew that. And these days anyone who's ever shaken a tin calls themselves a consultant. But you'd probably noticed that little trend too. So where do you go if you can't afford to waste money or time?
 We suggest you think THINK.
 Wherever you think you need support, we are here to help. And if we can't help, we won't waste your time pretending. THINK comes equipped with vast experience, acute objectivity, and what we've been told is a refreshing frankness. That's probably what you'd expect from Tony Elischer, Margaret Bennett, Jason Potts, Derek Humphries, Simon Burne, Sanchi Heesom, Mike Walton, Chris Innes (Italy), Della Weight (Switzerland), Ann Waizeneker, Michelle Chambers and Liz Markus.
 So next time you need some expert, objective advice, please do give us a call on 01280 824297. 



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