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Marketing Management - Analysis, Planning, and Control - Kotler, Philip.

Prentice-Hall Inc., 1967.

The past decade has witnessed the rapid growth of quantitive and behavioural tools, concepts, and models designed to improve marketing decision making. These devleopments have become the prototype for new thinking in marketing, yet MARKETING MANAGEMENT: ANALYSIS, PLANNING, AND CONTROL, by Philip Kotler, marks the first time they have been incorporated into one comprehensive volume that will be of vital significance both to today’s and tomorrow’s marketing eexcutives.
 Since decision making is the primary function of the business executive, this book focuses on the types of decisions that must be made in an increasingly complex environment. Drawing lierally from the basic disciplines of economics, the behavioural sciences, and mathematics, it provides the reader with an analytical approach for discovering the most productive solution to recurrent marketing problems.



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