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In Search of America's Best Nonprofits

Lehman, Jennifer & Steckel, Richard

Jossey-Bass, 1997.

ISBN: 0-7879-0335-3

If you are like most Americans, at some time in your life, you have been touched by a non-profit organization. You may have seen a relief organization provide food and shelter for disaster victims – maybe you were one of those victims yourself. You may have tutored a disadvantaged child – perhaps you were such a child. Or maybe you have seen reports on inner-city renewal projects or third-world development efforts, and you were pleased that American volunteer organizations were there working to make a difference.
 At a time of reductions in non-profit funding, and with recent scandals having rocked the credibility of some well-known charities, In Search of America’s Best Nonprofits showcases a wide variety of the nation’s non-profits still very worthy of our admiration and support. It takes readers inside some of our best-managed nonprofits, organizations that meet pressing needs with enthusiasm, resourcefulness, and exceptional integrity. And it serves as a resource for all citizens interested in making well-informed decisions about the charities in which they invest their money, time, or talent.



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