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In 2015 Make-A-Wish needed a sustainable way to grow their income to help them make more wishes come true for children around New Zealand with life-threatening medical conditions. They had few regular givers but with a vision to double their capacity over three years so that they can grant the one true wish of a kiwi kid every single day they needed to grow this dramatically in a cost effective and reliable way. The Make-A-Wish team had a plan to jump start their Regular Giving program to provide a regular, dependable income which helps them in their planning, to ensure that no child will miss out on their own special wish.

Online Lead Conversion is a proven channel that ensures consistent acquisition of regular givers with more control around expenditure and results. A perfect option for the team at Make-A-Wish who wished to diversify their acquisition sources. In partnership with the Pareto Phone team, Make-A-Wish has seen excellent results.

Online surveys, petitions, social media and traditional online marketing are now generating sizeable volumes of weekly leads for many charities. These leads are then converted through phone conversion campaigns to regular giving.

This acquisition channel allows for inexpensive ‘hand-raising’ lead generation combined with sustained regular giving conversion results by telephone. It also lets charities “dip their toes” into the online space prior to developing a broader online strategy.

For many charities, this new avenue is providing an ongoing stream of new regular givers which can supplement Face-to-Face or facilitate an opportunity to diversify their regular giving acquisition channels. For others it’s proving to be an effective first channel for their new regular giving acquisition programs.

Online leads are acquired through digital lead generation activity charities undertake themselves or surveys and competitions run on different sites all over the internet, where they have been asked if they would be interested in supporting a particular charity, in this case – Make-A-Wish. The leads are then sent daily via an API directly to Pareto Phone and contacted within 24 hours with a compelling ask to become a regular giver to help provide wishes every month.

The conversations had by the highly trained Pareto Phone team, uncovered interest, speak about the incredible work Make-A-Wish does for Kiwi kids, the need for more funding and how the individual can make a difference by becoming a regular giver.

Over a 6-month period, Make-A-Wish grew their regular giving donor base to acquire 938 regular givers through lead conversion with a cost per acquisition of just $147.

The Australian market has seen a dramatic increase in the volume of charities using Online Lead conversion. The New Zealand Online Lead market is still in its infancy, which is great news for Kiwi charities who want to get involved and really grow their regular giving base in a sustained and cost effective way.

Robyn Tane from Make-A-Wish has said Lead Conversion offered a great alternative acquisition stream for us; we had a vision to grow our program and supporters and this was a critical part of a diversified and sustainable strategy for us.

Alicia oversees the smooth running of over 50 campaigns each year across 10 charities. After working with corporate clients for some time, Alicia’s passion of helping people drove her in a new direction of charity and began working at Pareto Phone in March 2014.

Make-A-Wish NZ Case Study



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