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footprints: Harnessing an Inheritance into a Legacy

McKenzie, Roy

Te Aro Press, 1998

ISBN: 0-9582046-0-8

They say, “There is nothing a man can do to improve himself so much as writing his memoirs.” Some forget and some remember. Sadly, some leave it too late.
 Too often I am reminded of many who are no longer here who could have added to our memories.
 To date I’m a survivor and my memory isn’t too bad. In quieter winter nights what could be easier than to indulge in the inclination, so natural to men of declining years, to write of their experiences?
 I have been fortunate in life in many ways. Being involved in the formation of some wonderful organisations and projects with amazing people has added value to my life. It’s the qualities of these people, the movers and shakers, and the opportunities of team work with them, that I trust will make these reflections of a good part of my life worthwhile to read.
 We all in our own small way would like to leave FOOTPRINTS. Whether these are large or small is of little significance. To others they could mean a great deal, often more than we realise. Of such stuff is history made.



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