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The Donor Bond: How to Nurture Your Donors Using Strategic Marketing and Management Techniques

McLeish, Barry J.

Fund Raising Institute, A Division of The Taft Group, 1991.

ISBN: 0-930807-16-2

Competition among nonprofit organizations for the philanthropic dollar is more intense than ever. Increasingly, the difference between successful and unsuccesful nonprofits that encourages long-term loyalty, service, and gift-giving.
 In The Donor Bond, author Barry McLeish interprets many successful principles of corporate marketing and management for use by nonprofit organizations. He stresses the importance of market research and the key role played by the chief executive officer. He shows how to build strategies based on donors and their values, and he details specialized strategies in direct marketing, public relations, and relationship marketing.
Most importantly, McLeish tells how to create and nurture a bond with donors that results in lasting financial support.



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