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Pinpointing Affluence in the 21st Century: Increasing your Share of Major Donor Dollars

Nichols, Judith

Bonus Books, 2001.

ISBN: 1-56625-165-6

Strengthen your fund raising by making sure you know how to identify your best prospects and donors.
 Many fund raisers mistakenly believe that the desire to be philanthropic drives the giving process. Not so. Philanthropy, as Dr. Judy Nichols explains in this powerful new edition of Pinpointing Affluence, is “the end result of a logical chain of events that shapes an individual’s thinking and concerns. If fund raisers don’t understand the environment that individuals inhabit, we miss the clues that enable us to facilitate that person towards meaningful giving.”
 What are these clues? Dr. Nichols helps you find them using demographic and psychographic information that savvy marketers have been rising for years. As in the best-selling original, Pinpointing Affluence in the 21st Century weaves demographics/psychographics and fundraising together, revealing the crucial connections between background and strategy.

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