Opportunities to learn about a career fundraising profession

It is well known that many professional fundraisers progressed to this role through their voluntary work and their need to support their community. Many can agree, fundraising is an honourable profession and more structure in fundraising career development would benefit the charity and community sector enormously.

FINZ and Execucare are working collaboratively towards making this happen. The Execucare/FINZ Internship Programme is a good way to provide planned fundraising careers for the new generation entering the workforce.

“We want to see a change in the way fundraisers become a part of the charity sector,” says Sheridan Bruce, FINZ, “We need to nurture career development and pathways within charities as a priority if we wish to see more fundraisers becoming charity leaders.”

The internship programme allows young people to learn from a mentor in a charity while they work; people no longer have to be ‘accidental fundraisers’ with the internship programme providing opportunities for trainees to attend FINZ professional development courses and the chance to learn from some of the best people in the sector.

Since 2014 the internship programme has placed 14 young people new to the sector, into fixed term fundraising and associated roles within charities and, as a result, three interns now have permanent paid positions in the sector. Thanks go to the Malaghan Institute, Forest and Bird, Scouts NZ, Generosity NZ, Child Cancer (Akld), Mary Potter Hospice, Arthritis New Zealand, Duke of Edinburgh, Plunket, and Save the Children for supporting the programme and advancing young people into a charity sector career. FINZ has also been walking the talk, by taking on intern Minnie Finlayson as a permanent employee.


Pictured (L-R): Tilda Bostwick, Sheridan Bruce, Minnie Finlayson, & James Austin

A recent FINZ Central Learning Lunch recognised the interns who have recently completed the intern programme. A presentation by Tilda Bostwick of Execucare, (MFINZ) spoke at the lunch about the need for structured growth in the fundraising sector, valuing fundraising as a highly skilled occupation which is in short supply, and how the internship programme can change that.

FINZ CEO James Austin spoke up about the positive effect the internship programme is having, and recommends everyone try it out to help build the foundations for a stronger charity sector in future.

The new fundraising story can be about a fundraiser who knew where they wanted to go with their charitable work and followed a pathway which supported them and their ambition as they moved forward in the charity sector, the new story begins for some with the Execucare/FINZ Internship Programme.

Learn more about the Execucare/FINZ Internship Programme.

Opportunities to learn about a career fundraising profession



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