Passive Fundraising while Taking a Holiday

By Craig Crestani, Kiwi Karma MFINZ

Web technologies and automated online systems provide opportunities for transactions, cash flow, and income growth without requiring a real-time presence or effort.

Passive fundraising sounds good, doesn’t it? And it’s possible every time people take a holiday or business trip and book accommodation through Kiwi Karma. This Kiwi owned online accommodation booking site uses shopping transactions to feed a percentage of sales to a charity of choice and so far shoppers can choose from 70 charities when they book hotel or motel accommodation. Kiwi Karma is riding the wave of one of the biggest trends in fundraising – passive fundraising.

Kiwi Karma gives Kiwis the opportunity to support their favourite charity, simply by doing what they were going to do anyway. The booking site provides a local alternative to overseas booking sites. Users have the choice of using local knowing that accommodation providers and charities are benefiting, or they can use overseas site which take a commission from bookings with all fees going offshore.

The best way charities can benefit from this passive fundraising model is to signup to Kiwi Karma as a participating charity and then let your board, staff donors, sponsors and suppliers know.

Kiwi Karma’s biggest strike rate is with community-minded small/medium sized companies who book accommodation through the site for their travelling sales reps. A business consultancy company who has booked over $50,000 worth of business travel and an Auckland glass manufacturer who has booked nearly $20,000 of accommodation since the site began has generated approximate $3,500 for charity. When you consider the average room rate of $140 is worth between $7-11 to the charity per booking - you can see how this is a viable passive fundraising channel.

With thousands of rooms being booked online every day, Kiwi Karma is a fantastic opportunity for charities to create a passive income stream with no action required. Anyone who is a supporter of a charity needs to know about Kiwi Karma.

Craig and Shelley Crestani are the directors of Kiwi Karma. To contact Craig visit 

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Passive Fundraising while Taking a Holiday - Craig Crestani



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