Pursuit of the Ultimate Dream

A profile on Sue van Schreven, Founder and CEO Orphans Aid International


If you want something done, ask a busy person. Sue is just that person. Helping others is part of Sue’s DNA. It seems no request, demand or challenge is too big to handle. And in her calm and efficient manner, the job is done. Giving her full attention - making strangers feel welcome and showing interest – is one of Sue’s endearing traits.

A quiet achiever, Sue van Schreven is a fearless leader who turned her dream of rescuing abandoned children, providing them with love, security and a chance of a future – into reality. In Romania, Russia, India, Uganda and Nepal are children whose lives have been turned around because Sue dared to live her dream. A woman of faith who operates on gut instinct, the ripples generated from the pebbles Sue throws into the pond of life reach across the world.

Focussing on each child that can be saved drives Sue. And it’s this passion that attracts others to her cause. Founder and CEO of Orphans Aid International, a New Zealand registered charity which operates in New Zealand, Sue and her team of staff and volunteers around the world, provide shelter,  love, food, education and medical assistance to children in need.

Your breakthrough will come. It may seem like you’ve been forgotten but believe me you haven’t.

The majority of the fundraising to sustain this calling is generated from other committed Kiwis who also care about dispossessed children. Practiced at asking and receiving funds, Sue learnt about fundraising ‘on the job’. ”Need is a powerful driver, but it’s reactionary and can take your focus away from your goal” Sue says.


To be a successful fundraiser, Sue’s advice includes:

Work for a cause you’re passionate about; keep it simple - begin with one child (one project), then two, then three …., treat others with respect and reach out and form circles of supporters – working to their own strengths. Set goals, be innovative, work hard and seize opportunities. Telling stories helps to take others on your journey, and, learn from your mistakes. Try again, but perhaps in another way.

The dream will stretch you – giving up is not an option. The stretching is for your own good – new territory needs to be taken.

And the lessons for us all; dare to dream and believe that you can realise your dream; love what you do; believe that you can make a difference; ask yourself what else you can do; respect each other and have faith.

Visit www.orphansaidinternational.org to read about Sue's work and that of Orphans Aid International.


Pursuit of the Ultimate Dream



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