Inspiring new fundraisers

Every year Execucare offers a scholarship to junior fundraisers who have never attended a FINZ conference. This year 15 applicants from Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch applied for the full conference and two master class positions.

“As a newbie to fundraising, having the opportunity to attend the FINZ Conference was the perfect initiation! The conference taught me a wide range of fundraising practices – provided by experts in the field – and has helped me put my learnings into practice.”

“The conference was held during Kaibosh's annual fundraising appeal, Make a Meal in May and because of what I’d learnt, we changed the style of the language used for the campaign. It went from a fundraising appeal in support of Kaibosh, to an emotional campaign appealing to people to support those who struggle to put food on the table. We’re delighted to say our annual appeal was more successful than previous years!” Ryan O’Connell, Kaibosh – winner of the Full Scholarship.

“Her presentation was full of useful examples, insights, resources and wit. She challenged us to think about the fundamentals of the sponsorship relationship, and I came away with a greater understanding of the planning required before entering into negotiations”. Elizabeth Isaacs, NZ School of Dance who won the Sponsorship Master Class with Abby Clemence.

Our partnership with FINZ is paramount because it signals to new fundraisers the importance of fundraising as a profession which is regulated by high standards of codes of practice says Tilda Bostwick, Execucare director.

  • Fundraising exists to enable philanthropy.
  • Fundraising is an offer to join a community of people engaged around an important mission of cause.
  • Fundraising is about the motivation to give. It's emotional. It's about storytelling.
  • Fundraising is about building relationships, understanding the needs of the donor, and recommending a project that will satisfy those needs.
  • Fundraising is match-making. Fundraisers find the people who desire to engage in meaningful philanthropy and match their beliefs to the charity’s mission.
  • Fundraisers don’t just work, they make a difference in the world.
  • Fundraisers inspire change in the Community and Voluntary Sector.


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