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Achieving Excellence in Fund Raising

Rosso, Henry A. & Associates

Jossey-Bass Inc., 1991.

ISBN: 1-55542-387-6

A comprehensive, authoritative volume written by and under the direction of Hank Rosso, one of America’s most distinguished fund raising professionals, this book provides a detailed guide to successful fund raising, explaining the profession’s major principles, concepts, and techniques. The authors demonstrate why fund raising is a strategic management discipline, and elucidate each step in the fund raising cycle: assessing human and societal needs, setting goals, selecting gift markets and fund raising techniques, soliciting new gifts, and encouraging renewals.
 Achieving Excellence in Fund Raising provides a conceptual foundation for the fund raising profession, thoroughly examining its principles, strategies, and methods. Using practical examples, the authors explain the reasoning behind the planning and selection of strategies for all fund raising activities.




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