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Fundraising Fundamentals for Success

Lisa Wells, CFRE, FFINZ.

Fundraising and philanthropy and why people give. Roles and purposes of charities and trusts. Staying focused on your mission and cause. Fundraising programmes and practices, ethical fundraising and the role of the Fundraising Institute of New Zealand.


Say What You Really Mean: Developing and Articulating the Case For Support

With Lisa Wells, CFRE, FFINZ

Lisa will explain the case for support in the context of your organisation's purpose and mission, goals, objectives, programme delivery, organisational and financial structures. The Case for Support will be distilled down to a single minded proposition in order for you to create a persuasive narrative for your next campaign and so you can say what you really mean when you reach out to donors. 


Surviving as a One Person Fundraising Department

With Sue van Schreven, MFINZ, Orphans Aid International

Are you the only fundraiser for your organisation? Do you find you’re in the office late and working on the weekend trying to get everything done? Being the only fundraiser can be a real struggle. Our presenter has been there (and survived) and appreciates how hard it can be. She’ll share what she learnt so hopefully you too can survive!


Raising More Money Through Your Website

Fraser Carson, MFINZ, Flightdec

Raising funds online is becoming the norm. Learn ways you can maximise the effectiveness of online communications by making your website the centre of your strategy. Understand the importance of attracting people to your website through dynamic, relevant and appropriately targeted web content and visual imagery. Understand the role of social media and how all online channels can integrate to help drive donations.

Direct Mail as part of your Direct Marketing and Digital Strategy

Mark Newell, MFINZ, New Zealand Post

This session covers donor acquisition lists and understanding key target characteristics of potential donors. The tone and manner, or how the brand and case for support is portrayed creatively and through the copy  of your direct mail is key to capturing the hearts and minds of your donors. Execution, timing and costs are discussed and how you can get the best value from your direct mail campaign.


Trusts and Foundations – How to Maximise Your Income

Rob Fitzpatrick, MFINZ

Usually a key source of income for many organisations but no longer is it an easy option. With less trusts, less money and more applications, Learn some tips and insight to help you to maximise your income.

Writing a Successful Fundraising Plan

Lisa Wells, CFRE, FFINZ

Recognising and understanding the fundraising cycle. Creating SMART (specific, measurable, achieveable, results oriented and time specific) objectives. Clarifying the use of LAI - linkage, ability and interest of the donor.


Direct Mail as part of your Direct Marketing Multi channel Strategy

Mark Newell, MFINZ

Direct mail isn’t as analogue as everyone seems to think; it has very close ties to digital. Direct marketing is in many ways the grandfather of many digital marketing and Ecommerce strategies and tactics. Direct mail must be an important strand of any omni-channel marketing strategy: Direct mail often already is part of the wider plan, on the quiet. Direct mail is easily measureable, leading the way in attribution, personalisation, analytics and ROI techniques that are directly comparable to digital marketing. We are all competing for a customer’s attention at the end of the day. With so much effort focused on new digital technologies, it has become more powerful to market where the crowd is not – on the consumer’s doormat.


Major Gifts and Capital Campaign - Being Ready and Making it Work

Dominique Leeming, MFINZ, Coastguard New Zealand

Dominique will share her experience and learnings when delivering a major gift campaign from start to finish. Filled with practical tips and lots of opportunity for questions, this presentation examines the benefits of sound planning, teamwork, communication and good fundraising practice at work.


Bequests: Making it Easy for your Donors to Give

Lyn Chapman, MFINZ, Otago Hospice

Bequests are the game-changers of fundraising. Bequests are what can make the difference between your organisation just surviving, and achieving impact. Understanding how your organisation can grow your bequest income is vital to your fundraising success. This session will help you understand the world of bequests and how to most easily grown your bequest income in the shortest time possible.


How an Innovative Culture can Grow Your Fundraising

Fraser Carson, MFINZ, Flightdec

Why is an innovation culture important in the challenging and changing world of fundraising? And how do you know if you have one, or not? This presentation is designed to challenge, not just the status quo but also asks if you have the vision, structures and disciplines to implement a culture that can raise the game for your or any fundraising organisation.


The Grants Process, Building Relationships and Growing Your Fundraising - Direct From the Funders

A Panel Discussion chaired by FINZ CEO James Austin, with members of the Dunedin City Council Community Team and trustees and staff from South Island Trust including Barbara Bridger, Otago Community Trust.




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