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What would happen if your staff couldn’t get access to the office? Would services continue to be delivered?

In mid-2013, Wellington was shaken by two earthquakes within weeks of each other. For many, this meant access and buildings were restricted until they had been approved for re-occupation. Thankfully for Funding Information Service (FIS), their choice decision to move their operations into the Cloud meant they could keep working and stay in contact even when they weren't physically located in the same place. 

It meant that all their staff could access their files from home and communicate as effectively as if they were in the office. They could even share a virtual morning tea over Skype!

It’s not hard to see that every not-for-profit is faced with the challenge of technology. For many organisations, at the top of the IT list is the need to keep client data secure and computers virus-free. But there’s also that printer that keeps jamming, the shared drive with files everywhere and a website that needs to be updated — not to mention trying to keep up with social media.

Staying on top of technology is essential, but we also know that it’s often easier said than done. When resources are limited and we would rather focus on supporting the community, technology often takes a back seat.

At TechSoup New Zealand, we’re proud to be a not-for-profit committed to being the voice for IT in the community sector, and we’re working towards seeing more organisations embracing good technology practices to deliver the best services to they can.

We bridge the digital-divide by connecting the not-for-profit sector to corporate organisations, businesses and people who also share our vision and recognise the need to equip community organisations with the right technology.

Technology Donations and Discounts

Did you know that major technology corporates support the community sector by donating their products (or providing discounts) to organisations? Familiar names such as Microsoft, Symantec and MYOB, along with others, are working with us to offer their support for the sector.

Donated and discounted products from these companies can be ordered through our website by eligible community organisations at a fraction of the regular retail cost. For many, it means they can now afford to use the latest technology and also focus on resourcing the areas that matter most when it comes to supporting the community.

Since the program began in 2008, Microsoft alone has donated over a million dollars] worth of software to community organisations in New Zealand and recently began offering Office 365 as a free service.

Products available include productivity, security and fundraising software, along with refurbished tablets, laptops and desktop computers.

Education and Events

Through our parent-organisation, Connecting Up, there are plenty of opportunities for low-cost training in the use of technology. We run regular webinars that connect you to experts across a range of fields including social media marketing, online collaboration, technology trends, fundraising and more.

Webinars are an easy way for people to catch up on technology trends, tips and products without having to leave the office. If you are on the go, webinars are hosted online through GoToWebinar so you can join in from wherever you have an Internet connection.

Most of our webinars are free and we also make recordings available. If you miss any, you can still access them through our website.

Google for Non-profits

In August this year, Google announced they would be bringing their Google for Non-profits programme to New Zealand.

The programme has been available in other countries and is a major part of how Google gives back to the community.

If you’re familiar with Google’s services such as Gmail, YouTube and Google Earth, you will know that there’s a lot of potential when these technologies are put in the hands of not-for-profit organisations. The Google for Non-profits programme takes each of these familiar services and adds extra features. Most of these features are normally paid for by businesses or reserved for power-users but are offered for free to eligible charities.

The Google for Non-profits programme includes:

• Google Apps for Non-profits – cloud-hosted productivity tools and storage
• Google Ad Grants – monthly grants for advertising on Google
• YouTube Non-Profit Programme – additional enhancements for YouTube channels and videos
• Google Earth Outreach – mapping and visualisation technology

Our role in Google’s service to the community sector is providing eligibility checks on organisations that apply to be part of the programme. It’s a large part of what we have been doing with our partners for the Donations and Discounts programme and we’re proud to support the sector by providing the same service to Google.

Suppliers Directory

A new project for us, the Suppliers Directory offers community organisations an easy way to get assistance with their IT needs from trusted suppliers.
We know that getting access to the right products at an affordable price is only one part of the puzzle. We also know that much of the difficulty for community organisations is in making the right IT choices and finding someone to provide assistance.

The Suppliers Directory aims to solve this problem by identifying service providers, consultants and other IT-focussed businesses who which have worked with the community sector and have also been endorsed by their not-for-profit clients.

For suppliers, it’s a great way to get recognised for their work. For community organisations, it’s a way to give support for good businesses and also help others find support from a supplier they can trust.

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TechSoup NZ Offers Reliable Technology for Nonprofits at an Affordable Price



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