The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

Oriane Mousset, Volunteering New Zealand

A bold opportunity for fundraisers to contribute to a better and sustainable future

2016 marks the starting point for the implementation of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). These goals will be the basis upon which all UN signatories, including New Zealand, will seek to address 17 important challenges to our wellbeing, including global warming, gender equality and a strong, flourishing community sector.

The SDGs follow the UN led Millenium Development Goals (MDGs), which mainly targeted developing countries. However, despite the major achievements of many of these Goals worldwide, progress was uneven across regions and countries.

The SDGs build on this work, and include new areas such as peace and justice and take forward and further the commitments already made under the MDGs. Featuring 17 goals and 169 targets this agenda is a global plan and focuses on 5Ps: people, planet, prosperity, partnership, and peace; this will guide local national, and international policy for the next 15 years.

Fundraisers' importance for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals

To successfully fulfill the promise of the SDGs, fundraisers will play an important role intersecting with business, government, and civil society. At volunteering New Zealand, we believe that by sharing the expectation that our respective sectors have an important role to play in the SDGs' achievement, we can collectively ensure a better and more sustainable New Zealand and world.

As a fundraiser, your awareness and attention to the role you can play in local and national contexts will contribute to the implementation of several early actions required to ensure the success of SDGs. To start with, we believe that this begins with awareness. Awareness that our sector will be instrumental in ensuring the 17 goals are inextricably linked to our national wellbeing and international citizenship.

Secondly, we can't realise our nation's achievements without measuring the SDGs' progress. Measurement ensures we can demonstrate the progress realised by all stakeholders towards the goals. By contributing to the SDGs'measurement through funds committed to Goal-related activities, fundraisers will be able to update their partners on the progress realised with their funding.

Fundraisers' interests for contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals

Your efforts to recognise the role of the SDGs will have a direct and visible effect on our communities at local and national levels, in your everyday life and in your families' lives. Our progress on the SDGs will ensure we leave no one behind.

Regarding the local, national, and international interests of the SDGs, funding accessed for the SDGs will facilitate the achievement of the goals. Because of the concerted international effort across business, governements, and civil society, we believe we will collectively be capable of becoming more connected to the outcomes of the SDGs.


As evidenced through the implementation of the MDGs, supporting the SDG's achievement is a strong philanthropic opportunity. It offers individuals an opportunity to invest in their communities and New Zealand's future.

We are, indeed, at a starting point of a long journey where fundraisers can make an important difference in a sustainable and better future for New Zealand. It is our country, our future, and our children's future. Let's all work together.

Oriane Moussat is a policy advisor at Volunteering New Zealand researching the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the role of volunteerism in the development agenda. Oriane studied at Jean Moulin University Lyon III and completed her Political Science / International Relations Masters Degree in 2016. She also completed a Law Masters Degree at Francois Rabelais University of Tours. Oriane can be contacted at

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals



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