The way we do things around here

By John Henton, MFINZ

10 top tips on implementing a successful campaign with John Henton business coach.

All fundraisers work to achieve KPI's that exceed the revenue expectation while containing the cost under budget.

No matter how busy you are and how long your to-do list it's important to carve out time to refine the fundraising campaign's chance of success, well before launch deadline.

Here are 10 essential tips to assisst with this evaluation:

  1. Design the campaign to be measurable with direct accountability to your organisation's vision
  2. Structure the communications with a single-minded-proposition based on one of the following values: human dignity, respect, social justice, courage, compassion, or equality
  3. Tell a passionate story as it is and include what the after-effects will be for the beneficiaries'
  4. Back up the story with powerful pictures that cause human senses to react
  5. Narrow down the campaign audience to people most likely to engage and relate to the desired outcomes
  6. Check current events and incorporate social marketing trends and technology into the marketing mix
  7. Qualitatively test the campaign using focus groups selected from your target audience to gauge likely buy-ins, reactions, and relevancy
  8. Refine the campaign to incorporate learnings from the focus group
  9. Pinpoint the logistics required to manage team work, volunteers, and other stakeholders
  10. Engage media to communicate the "Why" of the campaign

Today, all profit and non-profit organisations are competing for resources, recognition, and reward. Therefore, the way you present the campaign communication to gain cut-through and engagement will add value.

All fundraising campaigns require monitoring for what worked and what didn't. Implementing a repeating campaign just as you've always done it will miss new and refreshed outcomes, which are always available.

John Henton is a business Coach and lives in Wellington. John is on the FINZ Central Division committee. Contact John on mob 021 634 146 or email 

The way we do things around here - John Henton



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