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The Grantmaker's Toolkit: Ritenga Tuku Koha

Timmons, Genevieve, with Rivers, Mary-Jane & Roberts, Rachel.

Philanthropy New Zealand, 2010.

ISBN: 978-0-473-16607-6

At the heart of every philanthropist and grantmaker is the desire to make an impact – to build the social capital of our communities and our country.
 For many philanthropists, grantmaking is a technical challenge, a creative opportunity, and a rare privilege to put into practice philosophical beliefs and hopes for a better world. However, most of what we do happens without any formal training courses, either before we enter philanthropy or once we are involved.
 Until now we have relied on scanning a plethora of literature that may be relevant to specific aspects of grantmaking, unable to access all we need to know in one place at one time.
Philanthropy New Zealand’s Grantmaker’s Toolkit is a resource specifically written for New Zealand philanthropists and grantmakers offering broad coverage of many of the elements that can lead to successful grantmaking.
It is deliberately written for grantmakers who plan and think deeply about contributing to our society, whether you are brand new to philanthropy or have been involved in philanthropic giving for a long time. You may use it to establish, refresh, expand and explore grantmaking while also creating your own particular style.



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