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Nonprofit Management & Leadership - Young, Dennis R.

Jossey-Bass Inc. Publishers, 1990.

ISSN: 1048-6682

The articles in this issue of Nonprofit Management and Leadership, although highly diverse in the subjects they address, share a common focus – the intersections and parallels of non-profit and business sector management. Authors Avner Ben-Ner and Theresa Van Hoomissen investigate the relative growth rates of the U.S. non-profit and for-profit sectors in the 1980s, based on observations in New York State. They confirm what non-profit sector researchers and policymakers have really just begun to appreciate – that in terms of employment, at least, the non-profit sector is the growth sector of the economy. This phenomenon is largely explained by the fact that nonprofits produce services rather than goods and that services generally have been the engine of growth in the economy in recent years. Within this sector, nonprofits have grown at a rate comparable to that of businesses but have differentiated themselves by virtue of the more public-oriented services they provide. Like the changing role of women (as analysed by Anne Preston in the first issue of NML), the sector’s rapid relative growth highlights the problem of securing sufficient managerial talent in the 990s and brings to view the prospect of having to compete with business for such talent in order to carry out public service missions effectively.



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